• Our Speciality

    Unique client focused design planning
    Regional sustainable energy sources
    Utilised with world leading technology

  • Agriculture

    Cost effective remote power supplies: solar, wind, micro-hydro
    Solar powered irrigation systems

  • Commercial

    Reduce business costs
    Reduced carbon footprint solar panels produce no emmissions
    Attractive return on investment

  • Private Homes

    Lower power bills
    Future proofed against rising electricity prices
    Massive FEEL GOOD factor of free hotwater showers!

Solar Solutions for Any Application Under the Sun

for electricity supply, hot water. and space heating needs

Power Options Power Options

Power Options NZ Ltd is a company with a history of 25 years experience in renewable energy solutions.

It has focused on providing clients with efficient and sustainable energy solutions.

Our reputation has been built on designing and installing: Off Grid , and Grid Interactive electricity systems; provision of hot water and hydronic space heating systems.

More About Us

Innovative energy efficient systems for any household or business